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Growing a business is hard. We make it a whole lot easier,
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Updated: 9th of April, 2024

We will give you 20+ qualified leads every month starting 7 days from now!

We are delivering leads to over 50 roofers from Denmark and the UK and they get massive and scalable results, through a steady supply of qualified leads coming in every week.

Today, the problem with advertisements for you as a roofer, is that your customers don’t know squat about click costs vs. revenue.

They gladly click your ads and fill out your contact form because they have a hole in their roof that needs fixing or some other minor damage…

Not realizing they just cost you a fortune in ad costs and the revenue they bring will not cover even cover that cost!

We fixed this problem by incorporating AI in our system so that the leads you get keep getting better and better and more qualified every month…

We base this on the feedback you give us!

You see you get this app for your phone and desktop computer.

Here as you can see are 3 action buttons:

  1. The green one tells the system the lead was good, and then asks you to supply an approximate value for the order you got from the lead…

2. The blue will skip this lead and give you the next lead.

3. The red will tell us that this was a bad lead and then ask why.

We analyze every single feedback and then update the algorithm so that you will get more qualified leads month after month using our service.

We will set this all up for you, we will incorporate everything so you don’t have to do anything but talk to the leads we will give you…

Oh and by the way – in case you are wondering: Your leads are exclusive to you.

We are not some system selling the same leads to different roofers.

Your leads are for you solely, and we are always just one phone call away in case you need us to change anything.

So if this sounds like something that could be interesting to you, click the button and book a call, and we will get you set up with UK Roofer Leads!

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